Dinner party, Wrap party, House party, Launch party, Tea party, Surprise party, Block party, Wake.

Parties come in all shapes and we’re here to help you pop the right corks. With literally thousands of beautifully-made, natural, organic, biodynamic and small-producer wines we’ll help you find something that’s just right. Something you love drinking, at the right price and in the right amounts. 

Some people find planning a party more enjoyable than the party itself (weird), for everyone else we can help you spend less timing planning and more time enjoying. We’ve got some readymade, tried and tested options if you’re in a hurry but we take a real pleasure in getting to understand your tastes, loves, budget and desires. 

If tomorrow it’s a party with friends or next May the day of your dreams, call us. 

Sale or return is always an option. 


We’ve been lucky enough to help a lot of people mark some really special moments. 

We take such care in finding just the right wines for just the right moment, at just the right price for you.

As a small company we have time to sit down and really understand what you’re looking for. We don’t have an automatic drinks calculator or an off-the-peg list and you can’t order online. 

If you’d like to talk about planning wines for your wedding we’d love to hear from you, open a bottle and share a glass. 

The two of you, your friends, your family and some beautiful wines you know and love. Good times.


Things At Work




Drinks for when you're launching a new product, impressing a client or saying thanks to the team. 

Fizz for an hour, christmas parties for 500 or corporate gifts that actually say thank you. 

We’ve seen it all. Step away from the luxury fountain pen catalogue, put down the carriage clock and pick up the phone. 


“New home Jennifer!”

Quite Nice can offer a full bar for all sorts of happenings. 

We’ve built, stocked and staffed temporary bars at three-day festivals, 30 day theatres, temporary restaurants, weddings and secret hideouts. 

We’re as strict with our beers, gin and peanuts as we are with our wine and don’t cut corners. We work with a range of partners in London to stock a bar that precisely meets your needs including Jensens Bermondsey Gin, snacks and nibbles made by independent producers, fizzy drinks free from sulphites and, if you like, Scotch eggs, fancy canapés or five-course feasts.  

We can build something to suit your place, put up a tent or slot into a gap you’ve found. We can be as big or as small as you need and have the capacity to run multiple bars and kiosks concurrently. 

We pay all our staff London Living Wage - an hourly rate set by the Living Wage Foundation significantly higher than the national minimum wage - and this is part of our commitment to running a decent business, one which supports and respects both the environment and the people we work with. 

We run our business to very high standards but this doesn't mean we’re expensive. Buying directly from producers, our knowledge of little-known wine regions and unusual wine varieties helps us stay competitive. Talk to us about options to suit all budgets. Discussions around fixed fees, profits shares, percentage fees, commissions etc are all welcome. 

If you’d like a delicious and interesting bar service for your next event, we look forward to hearing from you.